You may go if you choose.


Dan was considering a divorce.

I'm discreet.

Mwa doesn't like cleaning the bathroom.

Ellen found a meteorite.

I don't know what Henry thought.


The man took the boy by the hand.

Patrick kept looking at Rajarshi's picture.

Where's your house?

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He lives right down the street.

He will be studying when you get up.

You love coffee.

I had a good time tonight.

His overbearing manner infuriates me.


She's not available.

"Maybe it's better not to tell Adlai anything about today." "I think so too."

Those are my things.

The investigators tried to identify the presence of drugs in the glass.

Today I want to eat something light.

I will have joined the ski tour five times when I join it again.

She told me her mum bought it for her.


We learn much by experience.

I want a new kitchen.

Anne was just about to leave the house when the phone began ringing.

You have my word on that.

Sergei shoved Spencer out of his way.

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Stanly says he's concerned about Naresh's health.

I'll hang my coat up behind the door.

She achieved great success in her business.

When you are talking to someone, sometimes you are unaware that subtly, you are talking about yourself and what is happening in your own life.

Don't play games with me!

Unfortunately, I'll have to pass.

Don't shout at me.

Why? Because I said so.

No matter how much you try, you don't lose even a kilo. You might even gain a little weight. This is the diet plateau.

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I waved him back.

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The lunatics have taken over the asylum.


Where's my golf bag?

It is inconvenient to work in evening clothes.

There are no spoons.


It's kind of private.

Dory has a sister.

I think Win is just trying to be practical.

We have to find out what Darren is doing.

They considered it.

Sonny is always meticulously dressed.

Thousands of people lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, and even today hundreds of thousands of people still suffer from the ill-effects of the poisonous gas.

Rodent Miller worked through his experiences in childhood and youth in his three-part autobiographical novel "Marla and Barney", which is also his main work.

I guess I just don't understand.

Margaret took a bite of Carlo's donut.

I never travel alone.

Erwin and Jesus lost their jobs.

He has endured sacrifices for the United States that most of us cannot begin to imagine.

With kind regards to you all.

Forgive her.


We had dinner in an expensive restaurant and stayed at a high-class hotel.


Fred's question was an accusation.

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The success of the enterprise astonished everybody.

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Let's play football today.

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They're pretty loud.

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I helped mom cook.

The possibilities are exciting.

The police drew an outline of a body at the scene of the crime to indicate how the body was lying when it was found.

I would like to buy some cheese.

Murray buttoned his shirt.

The independent candidate took the abortion issue off his platform.

We met up last winter.

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What kind of tattoo do you want to get?


What did you measure it with?

People liked Jimmy Carter.

The container may be the best in Japan, but if the contents are third class, then isn't it completely meaningless?

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I don't want to learn your language.

Wolfgang doesn't deserve to be treated this way.

They were beginning to lose faith in their commander.

He is not so much a scholar as a poet.

Is this big enough for you?


What seems to be the problem with your car?

The heavy rain prevented me from going.

I need to get them out of here.

We all searched high and low for the missing documents, but they were never found.

A corpse was found at the bayou just yesterday.

What is the news?

She made me hurry.


Have you been happy here in Boston?


Sporadic gunfire was heard in the distance.

Something's happening here, and what it is ain't exactly clear.

It seems that he knew everything about me.

Allah is great!

His mother didn't teach him anything.


This medicine doesn't have any harmful side effects.


He shot himself this morning.

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We have new data about production and sale of electric fly swatters worldwide.

What is the correct answer?

The soldiers were marking time.

Carolyn and Amarth grew closer.

The villagers thought him very generous.

I want nothing to do with it.

Craig sat down for dinner.


Glynn has had very bad luck.

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I'll turn it over to Donn.

They've defused the bomb successfully.

You are coming home right now!

I'm sure he'll go.

Is the fish still alive?


You need to wear thick socks to keep your feet warm.

I had a single parent upbringing.

This program is not compatible with this computer.

The lake is surrounded by mountains.

Mushrooms are in season now.

Do you want her there?

Just don't make me do this again.

They meet once a week.

I almost fell for it.

Sure, why not.

As long as the whole world has not reached happiness, individual happiness is impossible.


His invention deserves notice.


Nora spends a lot of time in the library.

At Christmas we send Christmas cards to our friends.

The weeds have completely overtaken the garden bed.

Would you teach me?

Shai just arrived.

I just got off the phone with my agent.

Stop. I don't want to.

She came on strong.

Fletcher came here today by bicycle.


Catherine isn't sick.


Are you still angry at me?

How much did you pay for that suit?

I have the opposite problem.

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The only plug-in that crashes on my browser is Flash.

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Is Mr. Fujiwara at home now?

There is no defense against an unexpected attack.

How well do you understand French?

Some pesticides are highly toxic to bees.

I used to think so.


Dan doesn't like street bullies like you.

I put it on the table.

I want a boyfriend.

Hein's dog stood up.

A physicist is just an atom's way of looking at itself.

I do love your car, I love it.

That would be my suggestion.


That's the tough part.

The beach was fairly empty.

We only went out once.

The king turned out to be naked.

I'll meet her some other time.

Kari is an expert at all kinds of games.

You don't have to go to school today if you don't want to.


I'm not married to him anymore.

I'll call back at four o'clock.

This could start a panic.

My friend has had three jobs in a year; he never sticks to anything for long.

When my old man kicked the bucket last month, he left me only enough money to pay my debt with.

Why don't you trust him?

Please speak English.

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The rich are getting richer.

Who fights can lose. Who doesn't fight has already lost.

Rebecca works as a painter.

Angela is as giddy as a schoolgirl.

We had a very good time indeed.